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#1 - Contact Me

Lets chat! Contact me via the CONTACT form on this website and I will send a questionnaire to you to get more info.

#4 - Prepare You Pup

Bring everything you need and make your pup look his/her best! Take a look at the TIPS section of my site to help you prepare.

#2 - Contract/Invoice

Sign a contract, & pay a deposit to reserve a session. Check out the INVESTMENT portion of my site for more info.

#5 - The Shoot

Photoshoot day...lets have some fun!

#3 - Zoom Meeting

We chat about where you would like to display your pup art and best color schemes to match your home & vision. Check out the COLORS portion of my website.

#6 - Art Work Consult

After a rough edit we look at proofs together & pick our favs for art pieces! You receive web sharing images of each image you choose to use!


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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